En route pour Darwin avec Iris et Max, nous nous arrêtons mi-avril au sein du Litchfield National Park, au sud de la capitale du Northern Territory. 

Nous partons explorer les environs avec Iris, et restons béa devant les Wangi Falls que vous avez déjà vu !

Iris, l’âme d’une poète, a écrit quelques lignes, en anglais :

dragonfly (1 sur 1)-2

« I don’t hear her coming. The sound of her tiny wings flapping is too gentle for me to notice it; she knows how to gently touch the air, barely doing any noise. Because what she really wants is to observe us without being discovered. But there is one thing she is not taking care of: her beauty. The color of her little body is similar to the one created by the sun when it is setting behind some big trees. And her wings, apparently transparent, cast rainbows once a ray of light shines on them. She rests for a while, close to us, is she trying to tell us something? I don’t think so. We tend to ask too many questions to nature, why don’t let it just be? Live the moment, watch it carefully. »  Iris

Nikon D5300 – AF-S Nikkor 70-300 1:4.5-5.6G VR

280 mm  F/6.3   1/250  ISO100

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